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Pharmachemic is committed to growth in its Pharma & Healthcare business segments where the vast knowledge, experience, market research and product know-how can make all the difference for patients and customers. As professionals, we aim to provide the latest effective products, or the most cost-efficient solutions offered, thereby seeking to improve the work and lives of healthcare professionals and the patients they treat.


Being the main supplier to both the Department of Health and the private sector which we serve through our national distribution network, we also ensure that we create the required platform for delivering strong and effective promotion of the companies we represent. Pivotal in this is having our very own regulatory team who constantly monitor and advise on all regulatory requirements needed by our principles for success in the Malta market. Our principals can be certain that we will provide them with all the regulatory assistance and back up they require, whilst conducting business in Malta according to EU and local legislation


Pharmachemic continues to believe in and maintain excellent relationships with its partners and Principals, as it considers them to be an essential component for its success. Our success is only fulfilled through collaboration with our diverse range of trusted and respected partners. Pooling knowledge and resources towards a common aim have proven time and again to reap the desired results.


If your organisation is interested in a possible development partnership on the Maltese islands, or you would like to know more about the services and solutions we can provide for you, please contact a member of our specialist partner team at

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